Shipping Your Trade Show Booth to SEMA Las Vegas

November 26, 2018
Laura Isaacs
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Shipping Your Trade Show Booth to SEMA

Shipping Your Trade Show Booth to SEMA Las Vegas

If you’re in the auto industry, you know that SEMA is a big deal. If you’re representing your company with a booth at the SEMA Show, you’ll need a reliable, professional way to get your booth and materials to the show. Learn more about shipping your trade show booth to SEMA and find out what it takes to get it all there.

R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be your partner in shipping your trade show booth to SEMA Las Vegas. Learn more about the annual SEMA Show and what you need to know to get your booth there.

Why Work with R+L Global for Shipping to SEMA

What is the SEMA Show?

You might be wondering what’s in a name. SEMA stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association. You’ll find leaders in the auto equipment industry at the annual SEMA Show. The SEMA Show is held each year at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event brings tuners and motorheads from across the country together to learn about the latest and greatest in aftermarket components and products. The SEMA Show is a destinatination for tools, parts and other components for cars, trucks, SUVs and other vehicles. When combing the SEMA trade show floor, you’ll find exhibitors like equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers, retailers, installers, restoration specialists and more.

Additionally, each year new cars and special models are debuted at the SEMA Show. Many major auto manufacturers including Ford, Honda, Chevrolet, Honda, Mazda, Acura, Toyota and Lexus display the latest models and prototypes at the SEMA Show. This gives attendees a chance to see the latest and greatest in the auto industry.

Nearly 70,000 motorheads head to the SEMA Show each year. Not just any tuner can walk in the door. Admission is limited to those in the industry.

The show is diverse, with more than 3,000 new products on display. More than 2,400 companies will fill a million square feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center. The reasons people come to SEMA demonstrate why exhibiting at the show is so important. Show attendees have big buying power. According to figures from the association, 57 percent of attendees make buying decisions for their companies, while 30 percent make buying recommendations. Additionally:

  • 87 percent of buyers come to the show to see new products
  • 78 percent of buyers come to get ideas
  • 72 percent of buyers come to keep up on trends
  • 65 percent of buyers come to find new vendors
  • 60 percent of buyers come to see existing vendors

Statistics also show that 93 percent of buyers believe that attending the SEMA Show is worth their time. Eighty-seven percent of buyers who attend plan to order products from exhibitors after the show.

Regardless of the reason you plan to exhibit at the SEMA Show, it will likely be a rewarding experience.

Shipping Your Trade Show Booth to Las Vegas

Shipping Your Trade Show Booth to SEMA Las Vegas

Getting your freight to the SEMA Show might be one of the most important aspects for exhibiting. After all, you can’t demo your company’s products and services to buyers if it they don’t show up on time. This makes it essential to work with a professional, experienced logistics provider to get it all there.

Freeman is the official handling contractor for the SEMA Show. This means that Freeman oversees the handling of freight and moving of materials for the show. Freeman organizes the Marshaling Yard and Loading Docks during the move-in and move-out periods. It is important that you work with a shipping and logistics provider with a working relationship with the contractor. R+L Global Logistics is an experienced logistics provider with the professionalism and services you need to navigate through the Freeman experience. We can make shipping your trade show booth to SEMA Las Vegas simple.

According to information from SEMA and Freeman, there are two main ways to ship to the show. You can select to ship your freight directly from your location to the show site. The other option is to ship your booth and materials directly to a Freeman warehouse. Then Freeman will deliver your items to the show site. R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be your shipping and logistics partner regardless of the option you choose. Our working relationship with Freeman can make the logistics process simply.

According to information from the SEMA Exhibitors guide, Freeman is also prepared to set up your booth before the show and dismantle it when you’re done.

What is the SEMA Show

Why Work with R+L Global for Shipping to SEMA

In addition to providing advance warehouse and direct to show shipping, R+L Global offers other logistics services to make shipping your booth, kiosks, demos and other materials simple.  Our services include:

  • 24/7 Live, On-Call Representatives for Top-notch Customer Service
  • International and Domestic Shipping Services
  • Crating, Packing and Packaging Services
  • Truckload, LTL, Air and Ground Expedite Services
  • Warehousing and Storage Solutions
  • White Glove and Debris Removal
  • Show-To-Show and Advance Warehouse options

You’ll find that R+L Global’s trade show services team have nearly 50 years of combined experience in trade show logistics. We’ve gotten our trucks in and out of the Las Vegas Convention Center many times and are prepared to offer you solutions for shipping to SEMA.

Other benefits you’ll gain by working with R+L Global Logistics include:

Peace of Mind

  • All Risk Cargo Insurance
  • 24/7 Live Tracking
  • Professional & Thorough Updates
  • Visibility & Transparency

Planning & Processing

  • 10 Owned Warehouses
  • 100-plus Partner Warehouse Locations
  • Freight Preparation
  • Crate Solutions
  • Transits, Deadlines & Mitigating Surprises
  • Bill of Ladings & Form Completion Assistance

Logistics & Storage

  • LTL, TL & Expedite
  • Ground, Air, Domestic & International
  • Caravan -- Show to Show Management
  • White Glove, Inside Delivery & Correlating
  • Warehousing

Take advantage of R+L Global’s logistics services and contractor partnerships to get your booth and materials to the SEMA Show safely and on time. We make shipping your trade show booth to SEMA Las Vegas easy and promise integrity of the delivery. Chat, email or call R+L Global today to get started with our trade show shipping services.

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