Trade Show Scavenger Hunt: On the Prowl for New Business

Adding games like trade show scavenger hunts can be a good way to highlight your business. Find out how to get your trade show booth where i...
Natalie Kienzle
May 16, 2022
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Trade show scavenger hunts can spice up your next business event and provide a little fun for everyone involved. Far from being just for kids, scavenger hunts can be used as booth promotional material, employee team-building activities, and more.  

A scavenger hunt suitable for a trade show environment should be flexible and provide a few different ways for people to participate. Rules that are too strict will discourage participants, and so will overly complex clues. Exclusive prizes are a must, so don’t award something people could get by going up to a random booth. 

Buckle up and get some great ideas you can incorporate from your booth location at the next trade show. 

Trade Show Scavenger Hunts: Fun For All

Trade show scavenger hunts - A man excitedly dances

Having fun activities at trade shows helps create a laid-back atmosphere and encourages active participation. Nothing brings out people’s competitive sides quite like it. In today’s contact-conscious world, it’s necessary to find new and inclusive ways to incorporate the same amount of fun across live and virtual channels. 

As more places lift restrictions on gatherings, trade shows are once again being organized. As a business, you should be excited to get your brand out there. Activities such as scavenger hunts can get participants excited about your products just through the emotional connection. 

Why should attendee perception matter? Let’s check out some data about the average attendee and why you would want them at your booth. 

Trade Show Attendee Statistics*

QualitiesPercentage of Attendees
Executive and Management Employees46% 
Have Buying Authority82% 
Buy at least one product or service49% 
Visit a company’s website after a show38%
Executive attendees who find suppliers77%

*based on multiple research companies. 

Attracting the right people to your display or booth can have a major impact on your business long term. Even if they purchase nothing at that moment – getting them to revisit your business by web provides you with an additional opportunity. 

Be sure to have your team members on board as you plan out activities. Even if representatives on the show floor aren’t active participants, the act of organizing the scavenger hunt can be a team-building event in and of itself. 

Planning a Scavenger Hunt

Two people look over some forms and documents

There are many ways to put together a scavenger hunt to make it both fun and safe for all involved. Just remember, the point of a trade show is to expand brand awareness. Don’t get so caught up in the fun that you forget why you attended in the first place. 

Pick a Theme

Choosing a theme provides you with a chance to set a company vibe. It may also make it a little easier to plan out clues and challenges. Providing a creative and memorable theme makes it more likely that booth visitors will remember your product at the end of the show. 

As an added benefit, you can begin drawing people’s attention before the show even begins. Social media postings may promote your brand and remind viewers of upcoming events. 

When selecting a theme for your trade show scavenger hunt, be sure to keep it related to either the show itself or the product/service you are there to promote. If you are a jewelry sales representative attending JCK Las Vegas, you may have a theme focused on Weddings and Engagements. 

Set Clear Directions 

The point of most games is to have some kind of winner. Be sure to have simple but clear rules on how to win. Depending on the show, there are several possibilities. 

  • Point reward systems based on different activities
  • Most “items” found within a set period of time
  • First to complete x number of tasks
  • Complete a Bingo board of activities

However you choose to run your scavenger hunt, keep it as accessible as possible. Challenges are fun, but being constantly confused isn’t.

Provide A Touchless Experience

A hand puts up a 'halt' sign to a pointing finger

Be aware that even as social restrictions in general for large gatherings and mask requirements are lessening, it remains a personal choice. There are individuals who still don’t feel comfortable with close personal contact or who may not want to pick up random items coming into contact with multiple people.  

With a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, you can have people safely participate through native phone features or accessible mobile apps. 

Challenges and clues could include things like:

  • QR codes posted around the show floor or on trade show booths 
  • Picture submissions of individuals or teams in specific spots or poses
  • Screenshots of Google searches for a specific keyword 

Keyword challenges are also a great way to involve participants who may be attending virtually if such an option is available. 

For instance, an organic dairy farm with an exhibit at the World Dairy Expo could have a challenge where participants search google images for ‘dairy cow besties’ and post a screenshot of their favorite result. (Spoiler: there are some adorable cow pictures out there).

Don’t Forget the Prizes

While there may be people who participate in interactive games like scavenger hunts for just the thrill of it – don’t rely on it. Remember, this is something you are doing to bring people’s attention to your product and brand. The more participants you attract, the better. 

From an attendee’s perspective, high-quality swag and engaging exhibitors draw attention. Consider these statistics:

  • 52% of people say they are more likely to visit a booth if there are giveaways or other incentives
  • 74% of people say outgoing and engaging representatives make them more likely to buy

How you give out prizes will depend on the structure of your scavenger hunt. The key is to make it something they wouldn’t otherwise get by just walking up to the table. If you’re already handing out sunglasses or pens – don’t make that the prize. 

Digital prizes are a good option, especially so that it’s easy to reward both in-person and virtual attendees. It might be a special coupon, digital gift cards to specific stores, or cash value gift cards that can be used anywhere. 

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