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Natalie Kienzle
June 14, 2023
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At a medical trade show, you’re not just setting up a booth – you’re entering a maze of complexities. You’ve got display banners and demo equipment alongside high-end medical tech. The reward is there, but getting those shiny pieces all set up is a real challenge. Shipping materials for a booth is enough to give even the most seasoned trade show veterans a serious headache.

A successful presentation at an MD&M trade show requires a compelling booth design, the latest medical technology, and a well-trained staff. Your people will also need engaging promotional materials, and seamless logistics to ensure everything arrives on time. Early enough to set up your booth, but not so early that storage becomes a problem.

Preparation is key, and when it comes to logistics, USA Trade Show Shipping has it all figured out to get you organized and ready to go. 

What are the MD&M Medical Trade Shows?

It’s time to dive into the world of Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) trade shows. These events are all about connecting, learning, and showcasing the latest in the medical field.

MD&M is actually a major player in the healthcare and medical technology industry. Worldwide, they host some of the largest medical conventions and attract thousands of people to each event. 

Exhibitors at these events gain many benefits:

  • Networking with other professionals
  • Building relationships with potential customers
  • Expanding their brand to a wide audience
  • Getting rapid feedback on showcased products

Before you can enjoy such benefits, you actually need to make it to one of the events. In planning your appearance at an MD&M medical trade show, your first step is going to be choosing which of their many events you’ll attend. 

medical trade show new technology allows doctor to manipulate a digital heads up display

An Overview of Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) Trade Shows

The MD&M group holds several trade shows worldwide. For those focused on shows taking place in the United States, there are three major shows to choose from. 

The top three trade shows in the U.S. are organized by region: 

  • MD&M West
  • MD&M East
  • MD&M Midwest

There are other shows that take place in the southeastern part of the country, as well as in Europe and Asia. For this article, we’ll focus on these three since they tend to attract the highest numbers of attendees locally. 

MD&M events frequently feature shows within shows as a way of expanding into related fields. For example, in 2023, MD&M East will be held in New York City and is billed as a six-in-one design and manufacturing expo. 

Aside from MD&M, the trade show will include:

  • EastPack: This section features packaging solutions for various industries alongside manufacturing equipment.
  • ATX (Automation Technology Expo) East: Exhibits here will feature advanced robotics technology used in manufacturing, healthcare, and more. 
  • D&M (Design and Manufacturing) East: Similar to ATX exhibits, this section will feature robotics, 3D printing, and prototyping. 
  • Plastec East: A polymers and plastics event, it includes everything and more that could possibly be made from, or used to make the versatile material. 
  • Quality Expo East: Here is everything you could imagine applying to quality control testing in industries that range from healthcare to aerospace engineering. 

An exhibitor planning on attending for any of the six featured trade shows has the opportunity to reach professionals in their industry as well as others. It’s a networking opportunity for new companies to make an impression with industry leaders.

Every event is slightly different and may feature partners. Take the time to find out which partners may or may not show up at the different regional events. This way you can plan for the one that provides the greatest networking benefit, even if it isn’t the closest one to you.  

Key Locations of MD&M Trade Show

The three regional shows are held in different cities each year. The ones in the west are typically held somewhere in California, although they have been held in Las Vegas, Nevada on occasion. 

The east shows are usually held in one of the New England states, each of which have plenty of cities capable of hosting such events. The Midwest doesn’t have as many large cities, but places like Chicago, Illinois and Detroit, Michigan are often selected. 

Upcoming Locations and Dates for MD&M Trade Show Events

Trade ShowLocationDates
MD&M EastJacob K. Javits Convention Center New York City, NYJune 13-15, 2023
MD&M MidwestMinneapolis Convention CenterMinneapolis, MNOctober 10-11, 2023
MD&M WestAnaheim Convention CenterAnaheim, CAFebruary 6-8, 2024
Source: MD&M East, MD&M West, MD&M Minneapolis

Making it to a show in June 2023 or even October of this year might not be possible, although both are still accepting exhibitor applications. From a logistics standpoint, that is a very short time to organize your supplies and people. 

However, you may choose to participate as an attendee before you present at your own booth. This could give you a chance to see how the event is organized as well as size up the competition. 

With the right preparation, making it to MD&M West in February 2024 should be easy. 

large crowd of people on a stairwell.

What’s Unique About Medical Trade Shows and Conventions?

Medical trade shows are not your typical expos. They’re a whole different ball game, the Super Bowl of the healthcare industry, bringing together cutting-edge technology, intricate equipment, high-value goods, and the brightest minds in the medical field. 

In the next sections, we’ll consider the following:

  • What makes these shows special? 
  • What type of tech do you typically find on the show floor?
  • How do these conventions change the game for professional visitors?

We’ll begin by getting a better view of how the medical industry operates at the trade show level.

Understanding the Niche of Medical Equipment Trade Shows

If you haven’t attended or exhibited at a medical manufacturing event before, you’re in for a treat. There are numerous exhibitors from the U.S. and beyond presenting their latest products, innovations, and methods. 

These are often highly valuable and very sensitive medical devices and prototypes. 

  • AI-driven diagnostic tools
  • Next-gen imaging equipment
  • Surgical devices
  • Telemedicine solutions

Working in the medical manufacturing field yourself, you likely have some kind of idea of how quickly the industry is advancing. 

From a logistics standpoint, you need to do more than just arrive at the show on time. It’s about making sure your innovative tech stands out amidst a sea of advancements, while also keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

You’re out to impress a sea of decision makers that likely attend local and international medical expos looking for new ideas and partnerships. To expand your brand into the international trade scene, your logistics team needs to be just as ready as the products you want to showcase. 

Remember, your product could be the next thing that redefines healthcare for medical professionals around the world. Before that can happen, though, make sure you’re taking steps to get noticed

storage area of convention center with pallet forklift cars

Best Practices for Shipping to Medical Trade Shows

Having a solid grasp on best shipping practices can mean the difference between a smooth ride and a logistical nightmare. After all, you likely need to move not just a display booth, but medical devices and equipment that could be worth thousands of dollars and represent several million dollars in terms of investment. 

You don’t want to get the logistics wrong with so much on the line. We’re going to take a closer look at how you can ensure that your medical supplies reach the convention safely and on time. 

Because let’s face it, there’s no worse start to a trade show than dealing with a delayed or damaged shipment.

What are the Do’s and Don’ts of Shipping to Medical Equipment Trade Shows?

All trade shows have certain protocols that need to be followed. These can be found in exhibition compliance manuals and should be followed carefully. 

When planning out the whole operation, it’s good to have a clear list of best practices as well as common pitfalls. We’ve compiled a list of essentials to keep your logistics plans on track.


  • Plan Ahead: Planning your shipping strategy as early as possible gives you ample time to account for any unexpected obstacles and adjust accordingly.
  • Choose a Reputable Shipping Provider: Make sure your shipping partner has experience in handling medical equipment and is familiar with the specific requirements of trade show shipping.
  • Insure Your Shipment: Medical equipment can be valuable and delicate, so having financial protection against potential loss or damage is a must.
  • Track Your Shipment: Keeping tabs on your shipment’s progress allows you to intervene if there are delays and keeps you informed about its status, so you make sure it matches up with the allotted convention delivery schedule. 


  • Skimp on Packaging: Your medical equipment deserves the best protection. Use high-quality packing materials and methods.
  • Forget About Documentation: Have all the necessary paperwork for your shipment completed and checked for accuracy. This includes shipping labels, bills of lading, and any necessary customs documentation.
  • Overlook On-Site Logistics: Remember, shipping doesn’t end when your items arrive at the venue. Consider how you’ll get your supplies and goods from the loading dock to the display booth.
  • Leave Things to the Last Minute: Rushed preparations often lead to mistakes. Give yourself enough time to handle all the details leading to the big moments.

By following these guidelines, you’ll give the company its best chance at a successful, stress-free trade show experience.   

Find more useful tips in our trade show exhibitor checklist. 

How Can You Ensure Your Goods Arrive Safely at a Medical Supply Convention?

Following the list of do’s and don’ts we’ve already mentioned gives you a solid starting point to keeping your products safe. 

Checking off that list is much easier when you’re working with a logistics company you can trust. It’s not just having someone who can seal a box and drive a truck. 

Look for the following qualities in a medical trade show logistics partner:

  • Specialized trade show shipping experience
  • Ability to adjust to unique deadlines and on-site requirements
  • Experience and equipment suitable for handling sensitive items
  • Established contingency plans for unexpected delays
  • Available tracking services that you to monitor shipments
  • Readily available customer support team that stays in contact

Remember, your shipping partner is an extension of your team. You’ve taken the time and energy to build a company and a product in an extremely competitive field. Make sure logistics doesn’t end up being the weak link in that chain. 

Choose USA Trade Show Shipping for Your Next MD&M Event

Planning for a medical trade show, especially one as prestigious as an MD&M event, involves more than just prepping your exhibit and rehearsing your pitch. It also means perfecting your logistics to ensure your medical equipment and supplies arrive safely, on time, and ready for display.

At USA Trade Show Shipping, we’re here to make your shipping experience simplified and stress-free. 

  • Onsite and offsite storage
  • Palletizing and crating
  • Expedited services

Ready to simplify your trade show shipping experience? Call us today at (866) 415-8986 for a risk-free quote. We’re ready to help you make your next trade show a resounding success. 

Need help shipping your trade show booth and materials? Fill out a short form or give us a call and one of our trade show specialists will answer your questions.

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