Shipping to Retail Trade Shows

Shipping to Retail Trade Shows

The latest fashions on the runway or must-have accessories all require shipping to retail trade shows. Corporate buyers and boutique owners flock to the latest industry event to learn what to expect on the retail market. It is the trade show floor where buying decisions begin for the next season.

The Retail Market Calendar

In the retail industry buyers order merchandise for store shelves months in advance. This means many may preview products sometimes up to a year in advance of when shoppers see it in the store. It becomes a balancing act to get the timing right in order for items to arrive in time for the sales season.

Prior to the rush of getting inventory in shops, the first step will likely involve making the rounds at retail trade shows. There are several large retail markets throughout the country to include the Atlanta Apparel Market and New York Fashion Week to name a few. Whether it is high value couture or shirts headed to a discount retailer, the mission remains the same in shipping to retail trade shows.

Many of the products and services featured during world class events throughout the United States and North America attract an international contingent of exhibitors and buyers. In addition, industry leaders will also gather and there will be a wealth of networking opportunities at the show site.

Checklist for Trade Shows

Products Shipping to a Retail Trade Show

In addition to fashion, trade shows include other products on display at retail markets. There is the whole world of accessories from shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarves and other trinkets. All of these items can help pull an outfit together and provide options to any wardrobe.

Some of the world’s largest exhibits will also be the place to view trends, technology and more. The retail market is always evolving as shoppers and habits demand.

While it may not seem like a lot, it takes intricate booths, with great lighting to highlight the items like jewelry and other accessories. Trade show booths heading to a convention center for an annual conference may ship in several boxes. Managing the logistics can be a full time job.

A successful booth begins with plans for shipping to retail trade shows. If a box of dresses, intended as featured items, fails to arrive at the venue on time the exhibitor will have wasted time and money. This is never a good situation.

The Retail Market Calendar

Checklist for Trade Shows

Regardless of the location, from Las Vegas to Orlando, a few questions related to shipping freight need answers first.

  1.    Where is the location of the trade show?
  2.    When is the show?
  3.    What is the deadline for freight arrival of trade show booths?
  4.    Is there a marshalling yard?
  5.    Will drayage services be required?

Answering questions may cause an exhibitor concern if they are not familiar with how things work behind the scenes of a trade show. This is where companies like USA Trade Show Shipping, partnered with R+L Global Logistics is able to assist.

R+L Global Logistics Retail Trade Show

R+L Global Logistics

As next season’s fashions head to boutiques and malls, you can bet a new selection of inventory for next year is ready for the trade show circuit. The logistics experts can assist exhibitors shipping to retail trade shows.

R+L Global services includes more than just delivering to the right venue and booth number. We focus on providing the best service options to fit the needs of exhibitors. Here at R+L Global, we pride ourselves on great customer service not matched elsewhere in the industry.

R+L Global Logistics trade show services includes:

  •        LTL (less-than-truckload) and Truckload
  •        Expedited ground and air freight
  •        Warehousing (advance or show-to-show)
  •        Customer service available 27 hours/ 7 days a week
  •        Crate/Pack service
  •        White glove service and debris removal

The retail market is fast-paced and ever changing and we realize exhibitors need partners they can depend on to get the job done. R+L Global Logistics makes it a seamless process from start to finish. Exhibitors have peace of mind in knowing their freight will arrive safely and on time.

R+L Global Logistics, in partnership with USA Trade Show Shipping, is the best option in shipping to retail trade shows. Customer service is key to helping our customers perform well on the trade show floor.

Give us a call to obtain a freight quote or ask questions so we can begin the process of shipping to retail trade shows throughout the year.

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