Shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

What brings more than 180,000 consumer technology professionals to Las Vegas each year? The answer is simple: The Consumer Electronics Show. Each winter, CES brings the most innovative industry leaders together to collaborate and propel consumer electronics and set trends in new ways. If you’re an exhibitor at CES, you’ll have a lot to think about. One of your biggest concerns might be how you’re going to get your booth and materials there.

Thankfully, is prepared to give you the information you need to make shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show simple. Powered by R+L Global Logistics, we have the services you need to get your booth, promotional materials and other trade show essentials to CES on time with quality delivery. Learn more about shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show.

About the Consumer Electronics Show

About the Consumer Electronics Show

Experts consider the Consumer Electronics Show the gathering place for leaders in the technology industry. The show specializes on tech made for consumers. This means you’ll find everything from wearable tech to self driving cars on the trade show floor. CES has been the place to share these breakthroughs for the past 50 years. Nearly 3,800 exhibitors have booths at CES.

The annual CES show is produced and owned by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).  This 2,300 member strong association is a standards and trade organization. CTA’s focus is on public policy, events, market research, and helping its members implement technical standards.

Each year the CES show is known for product previews and announcements. A number of game-changing technologies have been announced at the CES show, including:

    • Camcorder (1981)
    • CD player (1981)
  • DVD (1996)
  • HDTV (1998)
  • Blu-Ray DVD (2003)
  • Tablets, netbooks and Android devices (2010)
  • Driverless car technology (2013)
  • 3D Printers (2014)
  • Virtual Reality (2015)

CES is the ultimate platform for technology. Thousands of tech products have been announced at the CES show. Many of these products have transformed our day-to-day lives, and many more will transform our lives in the future.

The Consumer Electronics Show is held at the World Trade Center Las Vegas. This 3.2 million-square-feet convention center is located just off the twinkling Las Vegas Strip. With more than 150,000 hotel rooms, Las Vegas is the perfect destination for a major trade show like CES.

Shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show

Shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show

If you’re an exhibitor at CES, you have a lot on your plate. Not only are you there to show off your latest in technology and electronics, but you need to manage your booth too. Even though your products and services are what shine, your booth is what gets you the attention. One of your concerns about your booth might be getting it all there. Thankfully, R+L Global Logistics can make shipping to the Consumer Electronics Show simple. We’ve got the experience, knowledge and services you need to make sure your booth, technology, promotional items, marketing collateral and other CES essentials make it there safely and on time.

R+L Global Logistics is prepared to handle the heavy lifting so you can focus on your CES presentation and getting the word out about your technology. We are prepared to offer products and services including:

  • 24/7 Live, On-Call Personnel
  • Domestic and International shipping
  • Packing, Crating and Packaging
  • Show-To-Show and Advance Warehouse options
  • Truckload, LTL, Air and Ground Expedite services
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • White Glove and Debris Removal

According to the CES exhibitor guide, Freeman is the handling contractor for the show. This means they are responsible for on-site materials and freight handling. Freeman oversees use of the loading docks and marshalling yard at the convention center during move-in and move-out times. Your freight must arrive during the scheduled times. This is why working with an experienced transportation provider like R+L Global Logistics is important to your CES success. R+L Global Logistics has the professionalism, experience and working relationships with contractors needed to make the shipping process simple.

Freeman will have crews available to unload all freight from “for hire” carriers. This means you won’t have to touch your freight when shipping to CES. The labor on hand will make the unloading and set-up process easy and hassle free for exhibitors. By working with Freeman, R+L Global can handle your freight handling and shipping needs to get your booth and materials to CES on time with quality delivery.

If you’re a leader in the consumer electronics industry, you need to leader in the trade show shipping industry to get your booth and materials to CES. Take advantage of R+L Global Logistics’ trade show shipping services to get your trade show essentials to CES safely and on time. Chat, email or call R+L Global today to get started with our trade show shipping services today.

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