Shipping to Training Conference

Shipping to a Training Conference

Training conferences are big business. These events bring industry insiders, exhibitors and presenters together to share the latest and greatest information in their field. Eager participants flock to these conferences, eager to learn and soak in all the information they can. Are you presenting or exhibiting at a training conference? You might be concerned about how you’re going to get your booth and materials to the conference. Shipping to a training conference doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Learn more about training conferences, moving your freight and the services you’ll need for a headache-free shipping experience.

Partnered with R+L Global Logistics, is your destination for the information you need about shipping to a training conference. Learn more about trade show and conference shipping services. Find out what you need to know to ensure your booth and collateral are delivered on time with outstanding service.

In the Know Training Conferences

In the Know: Training Conferences

Training conferences keep presenters and exhibitors busy. Practically every industry has its own annual training conference. This means presenters and exhibitors have opportunities to share information with those in their field. Many trade shows have training conferences in addition to the products and services displayed on the show floor. Many conferences feature presentations, product debuts, panel discussions, keynote speakers and other special events. Opportunities for networking abound.

You’ll find training conference all over the country. Popular destinations for training conferences include:

  • Orlando, FL
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Texas
  • Atlanta, GA

Ship to a Training Conference

Shipping to a Training Conference

There’s a lot that goes into planning for a training conference. From finding the right conference to present your information or product to planning the perfect booth, getting ready for a training conference takes effort. In many cases, your booth and collateral are what draw in potential customers. This means it is essential to have the right set up to attract buyers.

Getting your booth and other training conference essentials to the show’s site doesn’t have to be a hassle. R+L Global has the services you need to make shipping to a training conference easy. Just how easy does R+L Global Logistics make shipping to a training conference? R+L Global’s trade show shipping team has nearly 50 years of combined experience, allowing them some of the best customer service in the industry. From connecting you for the shipping services you need to providing 24/7 support, R+L Global is a leader in the trade show shipping industry.

You might find that many conferences and trade shows have contractors handling the details of the show. These contractors can be responsible for everything for managing exhibitors to handling all on-site materials handling. This means contractors oversee the marshaling yard and loading docks when your booth freight is delivered. R+L Global’s experience provides the professional working relationships with contractors needed to get your booth and materials in and out of the conference venue with ease.

R+L Global Logistics is among the ranks of the top shipping companies in the country, with services including:

  • Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) and Truckload shipping services
  • Air freight and expedited ground service
  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Advance and show-to-show warehousing
  • Top-notch customer service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Crating, packing and packaging services
  • Debris removal and white glove services

Working with R+L Global Logistics

Working with R+L Global Logistics

There are a number of reasons to work with R+L Global Logistics when shipping to a training conference. Not only does R+L Global offer the services you need to move your freight, but our customer service can’t be beat. Other reasons to work with R+L Global include:

Peace of Mind

  • All risk cargo insurance
  • 24/7 live tracking
  • Professional, timely and thorough updates
  • Visibility and transparency

Planning & Processing

  • 10 company owned warehouses
  • 100-plus partner owned warehouse locations
  • Freight preparation
  • Crate solutions
  • Transits, seadlines and mitigating surprises
  • Bill of Ladings & Form Completion Assistance

Don’t make shipping to a training conference a stressful part of your exhibitor or presenter experience. Learn about how R+L Global Logistics can get your booth, materials and other essentials to the conference on time. Chat, email or call R+L Global at (866) 415-8986 today to get started with our trade show shipping services.

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