Trade Show Storage

Trade show storage is important when trying to get the booth and other equipment from one venue to the next. Logistically it can be cheaper to secure trade show storage near an upcoming venue rather than transport it back to a warehouse near a corporate office. Keeping up with where the freight is and finding adequate storage can be a fulltime job, especially at the height of a busy season.

Coordinating storage solutions is one of the many services the R+L Global Logistics trade show team can assist customers with to ensure they are able to have a booth. R+L Global Logistics offers general warehousing along with advance warehouse space. We also have a vast network of partners for additional storage facilities as needed.

Storing Trade Show Freight

Trade show shipping customers will find our team quite knowledgeable about trade show storage of equipment which may include innovative booths, high-tech exhibits to additional support equipment. Do you need to find a convenient storage option for trade show freight once it arrives near a venue? It’s not a problem because R+L Global Logistics, using a network of trusted resources, can identify warehouse solutions to fit most situations. Let our agents know where the show is scheduled and they will take it from there.


Whether climate-controlled warehouses are required for exhibit storage or the booth can utilize other trade show storage, R+L Global Logistics can find the right option in a desired location.

Trade Show Shipping Quote

Taking Trade Show Freight from Show Venue to Storage

Figuring out how a booth will get from the exhibit floor to a storage facility will need to be a part of the upfront planning to avoid fees and other charges if everything is not moved out in time. As with all trade show events, there is a strict timeline of when vendors can set up shop and when space needs to be cleared.

The longer the delay in this process could ultimately result in not being able to showcase goods at the venue or additional costs tacked on at the end if key deadlines are missed. Our team of professionals can work closely will customers to get their trade show display from the venue to a storage facility for a short stay or long-term depending on the circumstance. Each trade show booth along with support equipment will have varying requirements when it comes to allotted space in a warehouse environment.

Storage facilities in some areas are conveniently located near convention centers or exhibit halls which makes trek a little less complicated, especially for advance storage options. In other cases, the selected warehouse for storage could be in a less obvious location but provide excellent proximity to the corporate office of the owner or for better access for frequent shipping. These are all questions the R+L Global Logistics team will help customers navigate in the overall plan of trade show storage and shipping.

In addition to providing trade show storage, R+L Global Logistics also offers a full array of freight services. Trade Show Freight Services include:

  • Ground (Truckload/LTL)
  • Expedited
  • Air

Top locations like Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Dallas or Chicago are no problem for R+L Global Logistics to transport or store trade show booths and other equipment.


Selecting the right carrier for trade show freight shipping is imperative for a successful exhibit. Since R+L Global Logistics is a family-owned company, the trade show team has the flexibility to customize shipping services for exhibitors.

R+L Global Logistics Trade Show Storage

Exhibitors can rest assured that the storage of their trade show booths and equipment is in good hands with R+L Global Logistics. Customers benefit from the knowledge of our team of trade show professionals who have a combined 50 years of industry experience. The team can transport freight and offer a full range of storage options.

Customers can depend on R+L Global Logistics for:

  • Customized Services
  • Great Communication
  • Knowledgeable Consultants
  • Competitive Pricing

In this competitive industry, few can match the reputation, level of resources and industry expertise of USA Trade Show Shipping, a business unit of R+L Global Logistics. We are able to handle trade show storage so it can be delivered to the venue on time, every time. When exhibitors are ready, give our trade show team a call at (866) 415-8986 or complete the form to obtain a service quote. Trust your trade show storage to us.

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