Shipping to Industrial Trade Shows

Whenever machinery and heavy equipment is on display, the temptation is strong to see up close how the behemoths work. It is a good preview of the latest products and services. But few pause to consider the aspect of shipping to industrial trade shows where this equipment is front and center.

Products at Industrial Trade Shows

The target audience for industrial trade shows are typically manufacturers and supply chain buyers looking to update equipment to increase productivity and get an edge over their competitors.

The sheer size and bulk of these machines can present a logistical challenge for any exhibitor. Transporting the equipment and supplies to a trade show should not be the job of a novice shipper. We are talking about very expensive and technical machines that need to be ready to operate at trade shows that attract thousands of attendees.


Products at Industrial Trade Shows

Shipping to industrial trade shows is not a last minute endeavor handled by expedited freight. Planning for a trade show can take months in advance to make sure everything arrives. Any number of variable can come into play that can skew the process, putting the exhibit booth in jeopardy. Why not work with a shipping company that knows how to navigate an industrial trade show.

A few steps to preparing an exhibit booth for shipping includes:

  • Figure out how much equipment will make the trip
  • Know when the shipment needs to arrive at the venue
  • Determine how everything will be packed
  • Contact a shipping company to secure space on a truck

As an example, trade shows such as MODEX features innovative products and trends for the manufacturing and supply chain sectors. There may be several models of different products on display in an interactive booth. Similar groups are attracted to the PACK Expo International that highlights the latest equipment for production to pack goods.

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Shipping To Industrial Trade Shows

After deciding on which trade show you will attend, the next task becomes determining how everything will get there. The size of the equipment will determine the shipping method of the exhibit. It may take a few pallets on a truck or it may take several truckloads to transport the booth.

However, there are those times when plans change or need to happen quickly and there is not time to waste. Our shipping services include air and expedited to accommodate those last minute decisions to attend an exhibition and conference.


R+L Global Logistics

R+L Global Logistics offers trade show shipping services designed to handle the load of shipping to industrial trade shows. The machines and other heavy equipment intended for exhibit booths is a large investment. Therefore, this requires close attention to detail to get each piece in place. 

R+L Global Logistics trade show services features:

  • LTL (less-than-truckload) and Truckload
  • Expedited ground and air freight
  • Warehousing (advance or show-to-show)
  • Customer service available 27 hours/ 7 days a week
  • Crate/Pack service
  • White glove service and debris removal

We understand the importance of every sales team being able to display products during a trade show. This is when sales occur and it is important for everything to run smoothly. Our goal is to make this a seamless process to eliminate stress. All exhibitors need to be concerned about is keeping track of everyone they meet during the trade show.


R+L Global Logistics, in partnership with USA Trade Show Shipping, is the best option for shipping to industrial trade shows. Customer service is our hallmark. We take pride in helping our customers perform well on the trade show floor.

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