Shipping to Hospitality Trade Shows

The hospitality industry is diverse and includes hotels, vacation resorts, restaurants and food service to mention a few. A number of large trade shows featuring new, innovative products brings the industry together in one place. The trade show floor will be a maze of booths ranging from beds in guest rooms, technology to enhance the guest experience or even payment kiosks to expedite dining services. So how does everything get in place and ready to impress? R+L Global Logistics is available to provide assistance to ensure your exhibiting experience is successful.

We realize each event is different. Therefore, we work with exhibitors to customize services to fit their needs of shipping to hospitality trade shows. Whether your exhibit takes a truckload of crates or it fits on a pallet, R+L Global Logistics can handle it.

Where Is the Trade Show?

A number of the large hospitality trade shows take place in Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, and Los Angeles. The list of cities, known for hosting a myriad of trade shows, are no stranger to R+L Global Logistics. In fact, our team handles the intricate details of getting customers in and out of some of the largest convention center spaces in the United States. 

Our trade show team is prepared to guide you through shipping trade show materials to debut new products or as a veteran exhibitor. R+L Global Logistics can ship freight to both domestic and international trade shows.


R+L Global Logistics works with hospitality exhibitors to ensure on-time delivery of each booth to the convention center or other event venue.

Trade Show Shipping Quote
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The Cost of Shipping to Hospitality Trade Shows

Just because a quote from the other company might be a little cheaper the old saying; you get what you pay for rings true. Yes, it is a matter of being cost effective when it comes to shipping to hospitality trade shows. Let our team know which show you are heading to and how much freight is included; they will handle the rest to get a quote.

Here at R+L Global Logistics, your freight is safe with our team of professionals. We take pride when you look good at a trade show. In addition, we place a high value on customer service rather than using the practice of a bait and switch.

Logistics of Hospitality Trade Show Shipping

R+L Global Logistics offers a variety of services to assist hospitality exhibitors make great impressions to reach target audiences. A linen company transporting cases of samples and other equipment can rest assured that everything will arrive in one piece and ready for display. 


We even have the capability to move heavy equipment in every aspect of the hospitality industry used for demonstrations such as hotel beds or other furniture like restaurant tables and chairs.

The big hospitality trade shows like The Hotel Experience or The HD Expo featured a broad array of products and services. Exhibitors typically include linens, dishwashers, washing machines, décor items, showerheads, guest door locks, toiletries and any number of other items. The goal for exhibitors is to create an experience for those making the buying decision such as the luxurious feel of bed linens.

So are you planning to demonstrate new restaurant management technology? Then there is the booth serving sample hors d'oeuvres with a specialty napkin to try out. Regardless of whether it is a large or small exhibit space, each is important. R+L Global Logistics is a trusted partner in shipping to hospitality trade shows.


R+L Global Logistics Can Handle Your Shipment

Whether the trade show draws several hundred top decision makers or thousands of industry representatives, the services of R+L Global Logistics can assist in transporting your exhibit booth along with supplies and technology to wow the crowds.

We realize the importance of your sales teams displaying products and services before a large audience to attract customers. The pressure is high to get everything in place on time, and ready to greet visitors to secure the first sale to the last deal of the event.

R+L Global Logistics trade show shipping services includes:

  • Dedicated trucks for truckload or less-than-truckload shipments
  • Ability to expedite freight via air or ground
  • Warehouse facilities (advance warehouse or show-to-show)
  • On-call customer service (24 hours/7 days-a-week)
  • Packing trade show booth (crate, box or case)
  • White glove service and removal of debris

The team at R+L Global Logistics is ready to begin shipping to hospitality trade shows on your behalf. Give us a call to get started.

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