Medical Equipment on Display

Shipping to Medical Trade Shows

The latest equipment used in the healthcare industry makes the rounds by shipping to medical trade shows across the country. Innovative diagnostic devices along with patient-friendly tools fill display booths throughout the exhibit venue. This is where doctors, nurses, technicians and decisions makers gather to learn about new designs.  R+L Global Logistics, is the right company to get everything in place for an exhibit booth.

Medical Equipment on Display

Medical trade shows allows healthcare clinicians the opportunity to interact with the newest devices developed to assist in patient care. Whether it is a physician or a technician in educational sessions who later observes the capabilities of equipment, buying decisions or at least recommendations are underway.

In order to get all the intricate components of equipment and other healthcare supplies in place, exhibitors have to navigate the logistics of shipping to medical trade shows. Most often, the equipment runs by a network of computers and technology that all must ship to the venue too.

Exhibitors need to determine a few things in the planning phase of shipping to medical trade shows. The plan should include:

  •        When does booth material need to arrive?
  •        What type of packing material used for the freight?
  •        Will everything ship directly to the venue or an advance warehouse?
  •        How much equipment needs to ship?
  •        Where is the venue?

R+L Global Logistics has a wealth of experience in shipping to medical trade shows. Our professional team provides excellent service with each level of the process ensuring integrity of each shipment.

What Is Shipping to Medical Trade Shows

What Is Shipping to Medical Trade Shows

The variety of equipment on display at medical trade show booths ranges from supplies used at patient bedsides, surgical tools, to high-powered diagnostic devices. It can be a box of patient gown samples to a crate housing a new machine.

Exhibitors reach a large portion of their target audience responsible for purchase decisions or testing equipment to narrow down a selection. The exhibit booth is where the first impression is made and it is has to have a lasting impact.

Exhibit booths have gone high-tech to attract visitors to engage with a product. All the behind the scenes gear utilized to make the booth stand out from the others needs to be included in the shipment. This is a big undertaking that may occur several times a year depending on the industry.

Regardless of the size of the show in terms of the number of people expected to attend, the task remains the same – get the booth to the venue on time. Whether in Las Vegas or Orlando, R+L Global covers the country and a variety of events.

Related Healthcare Trade Shows

Related Healthcare Trade Shows

In addition to new medical devices and other technological advances in the medical field, other healthcare sectors also make it to the trade show floor.

These healthcare related shows include:

  •        Biomedical
  •        Pharmaceutical
  •        Dental
  •        Rehabilitation

The sector is diverse and presents many opportunities for exhibitors to display their wares for the show attendees. The R+L Global team will work diligently to help trade show customers have the best booth at the event.

R+L Global Logistics Medical Trade Show Shipping

R+L Global Logistics

The trade show shipping services of R+L Global Logistics designed to accommodate shipping to medical trade shows. Medical devices and healthcare equipment requires the utmost attention and care during shipment.

R+L Global Logistics trade show services features:

  •        LTL (less-than-truckload) and Truckload
  •        Expedited ground and air freight
  •        Warehousing (advance or show-to-show)
  •        Customer service available 27 hours/ 7 days a week
  •        Crate/Pack service
  •        White glove service and debris removal

It is critical for each trade show exhibit to have a seamless transition from pickup to delivery and return. Our goal is to eliminate exhibitor stress so they can concentrate on a successful show.

R+L Global Logistics, in partnership with USA Trade Show Shipping, is the best option for shipping to medical trade shows. We focus on customer service and take pride in helping our customers perform well on the trade show floor.

Give us a call about your freight so we can begin the process of shipping to medical trade shows throughout the year.

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