Trade Show Shipping Costs

Trade show shipping costs include a lot of variables depending on the freight, where it’s going, and how soon it needs to arrive at the exhibit site. There are a lot of moving parts to this process. One wrong step can mean the loss of thousands of dollars, or worse the trade show booth never arrives or is damaged. The team at R+L Global Logistics are able to guide shippers from start to finish to ensure their success at a trade show.

After spending countless hours designing the trade show booth, materials and planning every detail, why trust a cut rate company with your valuable and time sensitive freight? R+L Global Logistics becomes the dependable silent partner to help our customers put their best foot forward on the trade show floor.

R+L Global Logistics works with a network of trusted partners to help get trade show freight around the country to venues large or small. Our team is highly skilled with experience working with a variety of industry trade shows.


Shipping your trade show booth does not have to be a difficult task if you take time to get expert advice on the logistics and managing freight transport costs.

Breaking Down Trade Show Shipping Costs

The budget set aside to cover trade show shipping costs are just a fraction of the overall investment related to exhibiting. The R+L Global Logistics team provides upfront and fully disclosed quotes. When talking to a trade show account executive, they will need a list of information from the shipper to begin working on the quote. The basic information includes:

Trade Show Shipping Quote
  • Show name
  • How many pieces shipping
  • Dimensions of freight
  • Weight of each piece
  • Delivery address (warehouse or show site)
  • Check in date & time
  • Pick up address

An account executive can begin working up a quote with those details and may follow up with a few additional questions. Where R+L Global Logistics excels is through customer service through a personalized approach. The trade show team works together closely to ensure customer needs are met and a seamless process is in place for freight shipment.

Value Added Trade Show Shipping Services

Scheduling a trade show exhibit to caravan through a circuit of venues helps decrease some of the shipping costs associated with transporting freight from one point to another. The cost savings is also realized with a reduced rate of damage. Is the booth going from Atlanta on to a show in Orlando? It may be worth to schedule from show to show rather than having the freight sent back to a warehouse in the Midwest for a few weeks rather than storing the equipment near the upcoming venue. 

R+L Global Logistics can also store trade show booth and equipment in a warehouse or deliver to an advance warehouse used by the convention center. When you choose the right carrier to transport your trade show freight, you become the hero for putting together a successful exhibit.

 Trade Show Services include:

  • Expedited
  • Air
  • Ground (Truckload/LTL)                                                                       

An account executive can provide a quote to help manage trade show shipping costs depending on where the freight is heading, the timeline and mode of transportation. They will not leave you to figure it all out, but rather walk you through the process to find the best solution. Our goal is to make the process simple from quote to delivery.


Trade Show Shipping with R+L Global Logistics

Exhibitors can rest assured that their freight is in good hands with R+L Global Logistics. Customers benefit from the knowledge of our team of trade show professionals who have a combined 50 years of industry experience. The team can transport freight to a venue and ultimately the exhibit floor.

Customers can depend on R+L Global Logistics for:

  • Customized services
  • Great communication
  • Knowledgeable account executive
  • Upfront pricing

With a high level of competition in this industry, few can match the reputation, network of resources and expertise of USA Trade Show Shipping, a business unit of R+L Global Logistics. We are able to get your trade show booths to the venue on time, every time. When exhibitors are ready, call to talk to an account executive at (866) 415-8986 or complete the form to obtain a service quote. Trust your trade show freight shipping to us.

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