International Trade Show Shipping

International trade show shipping requires a bit more preparation on the front end to ensure everything goes according to plan. If this is the first time an exhibitor plans to attend an international event, figuring out all the regulations and keeping track of many   moving parts can be overwhelming. As the date gets closer on the calendar, the pressure mounts and fear sets in as the anticipation builds wondering whether the trade show booth will arrive at the venue in time. The team at R+L Global Logistics is able to assist customers with international trade show shipping to venues around the globe.

Dealing with international trade show shipping means everything has to be ready to go earlier than if being shipped domestically.. Unlike if the booth is going from Miami to Atlanta, the international trade show freight must clear customs and navigate through a time-sensitive process that may include advance warehousing or a marshaling yard. When trade show customers partner with R+L Global Logistics, we strive to make the entire experience seamless from pickup to delivery.

Trade Show Shipping Destination

Once the list of international events has been selected, the next step is to start figuring out how it will all get to the location and on the show floor to wow audiences. Whether it’s completing the bill of lading or managing the time-critical deadlines, R+L Global Logistics is able to handle all aspects of international trade show shipping.

Working with a network of trusted partners, R+L Global is able to offer a number of services including:

  • Ground (Truckload/LTL)
  • Expedited
  • Air
Trade Show Shipping Quote

The R+L Global Logistics team specializes in trade shows with professional precision. There is nothing they leave undone when it comes to the international trade show shipping of customers large or small. Since shipping to most trade shows is time-critical, it is important to get a head start on the process to factor in the time needed for international trade show shipping and the numerous regulations. Freight arriving on time and intact is a high priority for the team. Let us know the international route of your trade show freight and we can come up with a plan to get it there.

Handling international trade show shipping from  New York to London, or Tokyo to Los Angeles, our team is highly experienced working with a trade show site and handling all the details. It gives the exhibitor a chance to focus on presentations and other things rather than worrying about if the freight will arrive at the international destination one time.

International Trade Show Shipping Documents

Customers working to establish a logistics plan for international trade show freight will also need to ensure all the required documentation is in place ahead of time. This is where things could get a bit tricky depending on the country of origin or destination. 

An account executive can walk customers step by step on completing the bill of lading and advise of what other requirements must be met depending on the freight. We know the process can be challenging to understand and to comply promptly. Time is ticking when your goal is to get the freight out the door and on the way to the venue. You don’t want to make a mistake which could cost valuable time in getting the trade show booth to the venue. This is where R+L Global Logistics comes in to help make sense of it all and take the stress off customers. We’ve got you covered when it comes to getting all the paperwork in place to make freight shipment smooth and simple.


R+L Global Logistics International Trade Show Shipping

Exhibitors can rest assured that their freight is in good hands with R+L Global Logistics. Customers benefit from the knowledge of our team of international trade show shipping professionals have a combined 50 years of industry experience. The team can transport freight to a venue and so you can shine on the exhibit floor.

Customers can depend on R+L Global Logistics for:

  • Customized Services
  • Great Communication
  • Knowledgeable Consultants
  • Competitive Pricing

In this competitive industry, few can match the reputation, level of resources and industry expertise of USA Trade Show Shipping, a business unit of R+L Global Logistics. We are able to get international trade show shipping to the venue on time, every time. When exhibitors are ready, give our trade show team a call at (866) 415-8986 or complete the form to obtain a service quote. Trust your international trade show freight shipping to us.

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