Shipping to Interior Design Trade Shows

The interior design industry is broad in scope and features an array of products to enhance a space. Planning a beautiful room using various elements requires similar coordination as shipping to interior design trade shows.

The trade show floor is often an inspiration point for interior designers. This is why exhibitors want to ensure maximum visibility for their products. It’s that one shot to catch the eye of a top interior designer or a rising star to feature accessories from their booth.

However, if the plan to ship everything needed fails short for a successful booth, it puts the exhibitor at risk of missing a key target audience. The goal is to shine with decision makers who are in search of unique interior design pieces to wow a client. Exhibitors need a trusted shipping partner.

Interior Design Trade Shows

Shipping freight to a trade show takes planning. Factor in the type of trade show and the list of rules to follow and the task can be daunting to a novice. R+L Global Logistics is accustomed to working with exhibitors and trade show venues around the country.

Las Vegas is one of the top locations along with a number of other venues such as Chicago, New York City, Miami, Atlanta, Dallas, and San Diego to name a few. Our professional team knows what it takes to ship to these venues. Many moving parts are involved with interior design trade shows. All of the materials for display booths has to ship and delivered on time to allow time for set up.

The interior design industry has several sectors that are sure to be on display throughout trade show season.


Interior design sectors include:

  • Furniture
  • Décor & Accessories
  • Kitchen & Bath
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In addition, interior design trade shows are not just for homes but extends to commercial buildings, lodging, and cruise ships to name a few. Yes, all of these categories utilize interior design elements often purchased on the trade show floor.

The challenge is getting all the products in place so the magic can happen once the show opens. It only takes one piece to inspire the overall design concept. So what can interior designers find at your booth?


The sleek design of furniture often presents a shipping challenge for exhibitors who need to be sure it all arrives in one piece. Work with R+L Global Logistics to ship freight by truck such as a couch, an armoire, or a bed.

Leave handling the bulky, heavy part to us. We can ship an entire room full of furniture or a selection of pieces needed to create a display booth scene. Regardless of the quantity and size of furniture, our team can transport everything to the upcoming trade show in time.

A couple of decorative chairs packaged as an LTL or less-than-truckload shipment may be the talked about piece during a home décor trade show. Meanwhile, interior design firms may need to ship several truckloads of furniture to a show to stage a variety of spaces in their exhibit booth.

Home Décor & Accessories

A pop of color or a focal art piece and much more fills up the exhibit spaces of interior design trade shows. A long list of other home décor accessories certainly will be on display too.


The boxes and crates it takes to pack each piece for safe travel factors into the overall shipping needs of exhibitors. Yes, the little things add up in the overall interior design industry. Moreover, it matters how it all shipped to the show.

Imagine the exhibit space you designed and planned, down to finite detail, is missing a piece when it arrives at the show. Regardless of being a small decorative item or a large piece of furniture, our team treats each shipment the same.

Trade shows have a set timeline in which exhibitors can get their wares delivered and set up in the exhibit space. There is no time to waste waiting for trade show materials to arrive at the venue. Whenever planning begins for an interior design display booth, it is also the time to coordinate how it will all ship to the event. It is not a last minute decision, and can be the key to the overall success at the trade show.


Kitchen & Bath

Design elements of a kitchen or bathroom are featured products too as more attention is given to these two areas. Watching episodes of popular home improvement programs often highlights that kitchen and bath remodels can add value to a home.

Interior design for these spaces is in high demand and items for these spaces will not be hard to spot on the exhibit floor. Think of all the possibilities of decorative touches that added to these spaces. 

Creating an exciting and engaging trade show booth takes good planning upfront. Yes, who handles shipping to interior design trade shows is a critical step in the success of a booth.


R+L Global Logistics Shipping Services

R+L Carriers provides a full array of services to assist exhibitors but their best foot forward at industry trade shows. Interior design trade shows usually include both delicate and bulky items that all need to ship to the venue. R+L Global Logistics team is more than prepared to handle shipping your freight.

Trade show shipping services with R+L Global Logistics features:

  • LTL (less-than-truckload) and Truckload
  • Expedited ground and air freight
  • Warehousing (advance or show-to-show)
  • Customer service available 27 hours/ 7 days a week
  • Crate/Pack service
  • White glove service and debris removal

Interior design trade show exhibitors depend on their shipping partner to get all components of the booth to the venue on time and ready to display. Our team handles every detail from start to finish. Just let us know where the show is located and when the freight needs to arrive at the venue. We will take care of the rest to get it loaded and on the way.

Transporting trade show booths is one of the dedicated services of R+L Global Logistics. Give us a call about your freight to begin the process of shipping to interior design trade shows.

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