Shipping to Construction Trade Shows

If you’re in the building business, construction trade shows are a must. Trends in construction are always growing and changing. These industry gatherings give you a chance to show off your latest products, network, learn and more. If you’re an exhibitor at a trade show, you’ll likely have many questions about what you need to do to get the most out of your booth. Some of the most important questions you might have are about getting your booth and materials to the show.

Industry leaders know that shipping to a construction trade show doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. R+L Global Logistics offers the trade show shipping products and services you need to make shipping to construction trade shows simple. Learn more about our transports and logistics services that make trade show shipping simple.

Construction Trade Shows, Exhibitions and Conferences

If you’re a construction trade show exhibitor, you likely keep a busy schedule. There are shows all around the country all year long. Some of the most popular construction trade shows include:

  • American Institute of Architects Conference on Architecture -- New York, NY
  • BuildingsNY -- New York, NY
  • Pacific Coast Builders Conference -- San Francisco, CA
  • International Pool Spa Patio Expo -- Las Vegas, NV
  • International Woodworking Fair -- Atlanta, GA
  • Greenbuild International Conference and Expo -- Chicago, IL
  • The Buildings Show -- Toronto, ON
  • World of Concrete -- Las Vegas, NV
  • The NAHB International Builders’ Show -- Las Vegas, NV
  • Kitchen/Bath Industry Show & Conference -- Las Vegas, NV

The NAHB International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, NV, is the largest annual light construction show in the world. This show attracts thousands: Each year more than 80,000 attendees from 100 countries visit the show for cutting edge information about the building and construction industries, product trends and more.

The show takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a spacious venue that covers 3.2 million square feet. Las Vegas is the perfect place for a trade show. There are more than 151,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas, along with endless opportunities for dining and entertainment.  The International Builders’ Show trade show floor is the perfect place for exhibitors to network, show off your products, meet up with colleagues and more.

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Exhibitors have the right to occupy the complete cubic volume of their contracted exhibit space. This means you have the room you need to display the full array of your products and services. You can install your booth yourself or work with a contractor to set up everything. Regardless of how you choose to setup your booth, working with an experienced trade show shipper can help make sure you have it all there in time.

Shipping to Construction Trade Shows

If you’re an exhibitor at the NAHB International Builders’ Show or any other construction trade show, you’ll likely have a lot to manage. One of your top concerns might be how you’re going to get your booth, collateral and other essentials to the show on time. Thankfully you’re not alone: R+L Global Logistics can make shipping to construction trade shows simple. R+L Global Logistics has the knowledge, services and expertise necessary to ensure your booth, promotional items, marketing materials and other trade show essentials arrive at the show when you need them.

You will find there are two popular methods for shipping to a construction trade show: direct to show site shipping and advance warehouse shipping. The differences between the two types of shipping are easy to understand. Direct to show site shipping refers to the process of picking up your booth and materials before the show and making sure they arrive on time during the trade show’s move-in hours. Advance warehouse shipping means your booth and materials are picked up in advance of the show and stored in a warehouse until they are needed. Items are delivered to the show on time.


If you’re shipping to the NAHB International Builders’ Show, you should be aware of a few rules to follow. According to the NAHB, you can start assembling your booth any time after your freight is delivered. If you have a morning delivery time, you might plan on setting up your booth later that day. If you have an afternoon delivery time, you might plan on setting up your booth the following day. You’ll also have to file a Bill of Lading at the freight desk. It is up to the exhibitor to make sure all documents are filed properly. All of your freight should be combined into one shipment to make things easier for you and your shipper. Keeping a detailed list of everything you are shipping can help you stay organized.

Don’t make shipping to construction trade shows a stressful part of your exhibitor experience. Learn about how R+L Global Logistics can get your booth, materials and other trade show essentials to the show on time with our direct to show site and advance warehouse shipping services.  Chat, email or call R+L Global at (866) 415-8986 today to get started with our trade show shipping services.

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