Navigate the Roller Coaster of Freight Services to IAAPA

November 26, 2018
Laura Isaacs
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Navigate the Roller Coaster of Freight Services to IAAPA

Get ready to have some fun! The IAAPA Conference is your chance to let your amusement business shine. This annual trade show and conference, held in Orlando, FL, brings leaders from the business of fun together to share ideas, show off their latest products and services, and learn. You’ll also find a trade show floor full of representatives from theme parks, water parks, attractions and other amusements. If you’re a first-timer or even an experienced exhibitor, riding the roller coaster of a booth at the IAAPA trade show can put you on the edge of your seat. One of your concerns might be how you’re going to get it all there.

R+L Global Logistics has the freight services to IAAPA you need to get your booth, collateral and other trade show essentials there without hassle. Let R+L Global Logistics help you learn more about this annual attractions expo and well as what you need to know about freight services to IAAPA.

What is the IAAPA

What is the IAAPA?

IAAPA stands for International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. This organization has 5,000 members, representing businesses like:

  • Amusement parks
  • Aquariums
  • Arcades
  • Casinos
  • Historic and tourist attractions
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Malls and shopping centers
  • Museums
  • Resorts
  • Science centers
  • Theme parks
  • Water parks
  • Zoos

Other IAAPA members include those who support the amusement industry. Reps from distributors, industry suppliers, operators, equipment manufacturers and service providers can all benefit from membership.

What is the IAAPA Expo?

The IAAPA Expo takes place in Orlando every fall. Many industry leaders use the show to make announcements, explore future trends and discover forward thinking ideas. The expo consists of a 4-day trade show and a 5-day conference. You can comb the trade show floor to learn about the latest in technology and more. The conference gives industry members a chance to network, learn and grow professionally at education sessions.

If your business is fun business, the IAAPA Expo is for you. The trade show floor is full of exhibitors with products specially designed for amusements industries. The trade show floor gets a fun vibe from a live DJ spinning tunes to keep the energy up and exciting. You’ll also be able to taste Orlando and Central Florida, as local food trucks provide eats for the show.

The expo in Orlando is one of three world-wide IAAPA shows. Other shows and expos are held in Europe and Asia.

Freight Services to IAAPA

Freight Services to IAAPA

Exhibiting at a trade show like the IAAPA Expo is a big job. As an exhibitor, you are responsible for showing off your companies products and services while representing your business. Your booth is what grabs your customers’ attention. This means it is important to have the right set up and swag to show it all off.

You might be concerned about how you’re going to get your booth and materials to the IAAPA Expo. Thankfully, R+L Global Logistics has the freight services to IAAPA you need to make sure everything is delivered on time with integrity. R+L Global has the experience, freight services and know-how needed to ensure your booth, kiosks, promotion items and marketing collateral make it there safely.

Freeman is the official contractor for the IAAPA Expo. This means they oversee all on-site freight and materials handling at the show. Freeman manages the loading dock and marshalling yard during move-in and move-out periods.It is important that your trade show materials arrive on time, as the move-in/move-out dock has a tight schedule. This is why working with an experienced logistics provider is essential.  R+L Global Logistics has the working relationships you need to ensure easy freight services to IAAPA.

According to information from the IAAPA exhibitor guide, Freeman crews will be on site to help unload all “for hire” carriers. This means you don’t have to touch your freight. Freeman and R+L Global Logistics can handle all your shipping and handling needs to get your materials to the trade show.

There are two common ways to ship your booth and materials to IAAPA: Advance warehouse shipping and direct to show site shipping. The option you chose might be based on time, your trade show schedule and the size of your booth.

Advance warehouse shipping means that your freight is sent to a warehouse before the show. Then your freight is moved to the trade show location before the show starts. This method of shipping has a few advantages. You won’t have to worry about storing your booth if you’re taking advantage of warehousing.

Direct to show site shipping means that your freight is moved directly from the pick-up location to the site of the the show. This gives you the most time to assemble your booth and materials. This means you can take your time in assembling the products, booth graphics and other essentials with direct to show site shipping.

Regardless of which option you choose, R+L Global Logistics is prepared to be your shipping or warehousing partner.

Why Work with R+L Global Logistics

Why Work with R+L Global Logistics?

There are a number of reasons why R+L Global Logistics should be your partner for freight services to IAAPA. R+L Global offers freight services including:

  • Both Truckload and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipping services
  • Expedited ground service and air freight for when it needs to be there fast
  • International and Domestic shipping
  • Advance and show-to-show warehousing
  • Customer service available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Crating, packing and packaging services
  • Debris removal and white glove services

R+L Global Logistics is also prepared to offer benefits including:

  • All risk cargo insurance
  • 24/7 live tracking so you’ll always know where your freight it
  • Professional, timely and thorough updates
  • Visibility and transparency

Take advantage of R+L Global Logistics freight services to IAAPA to get your booth and materials to the trade show safely and on time. Chat, email or call R+L Global at (866) 415-8986 today to get started with our trade show shipping services.

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